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About Us

About Us :

We started from a humble beginning

A little about us : Manchester Airport Car Parking was formed through a strong family history (and love) for cars, storage and logistics. The family behind our business has over 20 years experience in vehicle logistics and in late 2020 an opportunity arose to acquire land close to Manchester Airport that could provide secure and efficient space for people travelling to and from Manchester Airport.

As a family business and love for vehicles we truly understand how valuable and precious a car is; which is why our company is intently focused on keeping your vehicle safe and secure while you travel.

We’re different and we know it, our customers know it and if you choose to use our facility you will soon know it too! 

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More About Us :

Our Focus

We’re very focused on delivering an exceptional service which is why include added extras like our WhatsApp Notifications.

While our capacity is large but limited to around 200+ vehicles we offer 100% guaranteed security while under our protection.

We are focused on delivering an exceptional, spacious and secure service at affordable pricing saving on your costs while you travel to and from Manchester Airport.


Our core value

Our core value is to ensure that every single one of our customers who choose to use our facility have absolute peace of mind - with zero compromises!

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver an exceptional, affordably priced, safe and secure parking facility that our customers can use time and time again.

Great company to use, affordable and discounted price for 2 weeks stay! Thanks guys!

James 2 Weeks

Simply the best, they kept me updated over WhatsApp to let me know my vehicle was safe over 3 weeks.

Helen 3 Weeks

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    WhatsApp Notifications

    WhatsApp Notifications

    For absolute peace of mind, you can opt-in to our WhatsApp Update group which includes regular updates to reassure you of your vehicles' security.